Using the soothing color palette of a coconut by the sea—whites, neutrals and splashes of turquoise—Coco Blanca has created a trademark look. Her lifestyle boutique offers expert solutions for home design and women’s fashion—blending a clean, fresh, sophisticated, feel-good style.

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ABOUT THE OWNERSKeeping it Natural!

Meet the three creative, enterprising women behind the alluring Coco Blanca, who bespeak the social graces and warm hospitality of bygone days. They are naturally inquisitive about each of their guests, and willingly offer advice when asked.

In alphabetical order…

Susan Neithamer:
With 22 years in business management—creating success and growth comes naturally.

Gayla Reed:
With her innate sense of style—making everything beautiful comes naturally.

Elisabeth Squire:
With a career in graphic design, photography, and marketing—creating an “it” brand comes naturally.


Q | What inspires Coco Blanca?
A | The salty sea air, Hemingway’s spirited joie de vivre, and Hepburn’s effortless elegance.
Q | What is Coco Blanca’s secret to success?
A | Insatiable work ethic, chilled wine, and an abundance of laughs.
Q | What is Coco Blanca’s style formula?
A | Timeless, with just the right amount of hipness.
Q | What is Coco Blanca’s favorite color palette:
A | A refreshing blend of whites and neutrals, with a splash of turquoise. Think coconuts along the glistening azure sea.


Coco Blanca is also located minutes from DC in the quaint yet bustling Shops at Wildwood in Bethesda, MD.