Bernhardt IRL

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some pieces of Bernhardt furniture in real life rooms. The following pictures are how designers have placed some beautiful pieces of Bernhardt into their clients’ homes. As always, we offer Bernhardt at 40 percent off retail prices.

Looking for a great desk for your office? This room by Sita Montgomery Interiors features a desk and chair from the Salon Collection:

Sita Montgomery Interiors featuring Bernhardt

Desk: W62” x D30” x H30″

Architectural Digest featured this front hall with the handsome Ellsworth console table by Bernhardt. Interior design by BHDM Design:

Ellsworth Console Table by Bernhardt

W60” x D18” x H30”


Love this accent chair. The interior of this room is by LTK Interiors and features the Lance chair by Bernhardt:

LTK Interiors featuring a Bernhardt chair

W25-1/2” x D33” x H30″


The Kaya Girl used Cabrillo bedside chests in this lovely bedroom:

Cabrillo bedside chests by Bernhardt

W38-5/8″ x D20-7/16″ x H33-1/4″


Here is the Delano chair in a custom flamestitch fabric by Marie Flanagan Interiors:

Marie Flanigan Interiors featuring Bernhardt's Delano chair

W33” x D36” x H32”


Love this pair of Kingston chairs in a room by JWS interiors in Washington, D.C.:

Kingston Chairs by Bernhardt

W31” x D37 1/2” x H44 1/2”


Two Palma dining chairs in a rustic gray finish in a room by Brad Ramsey Interiors in Nashville, Tennessee:

Palma dining chairs from Bernhardt Furniture

W23 5/8”


The Villette chest in a serene bedroom by Luca Seilers Design of Houston, Texas:

The Villette chest by Bernhardt

W42 1/4” x D20 1/4” x H33 1/8”

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