5 Lighting Tips To Get that Gorgeous Glow

Lighting plays a big role in the design of a room. It needs to be functional (you need to see!) but ideally it also casts a flattering glow (so you can look good in it!). Truly, lamps can make a room.

Luckily Coco Blanca has started our lighting sale — through September 11th, we have lamps on sale from 20 percent to 30 percent off — and we are experts in helping you design a lighting plan that works. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

1.  It’s important to use a mix of floor and table lamps for lighting.

2.  Limit overhead lights. Layers of light give the room the glow you want.

3.  Let your lamps make a statement. Floor lamps especially can create a dramatic focal point.

4. Don’t let your cords show too obviously. Invest in another outlet!

5.  Have several different light sources in a room.  I read that you need at least eight in one room!

Shown is a sampling of the floor lamps and table lamps that we have in store now. The sale also includes special orders from lines like Regina Andrew and Visual Comfort lighting, so come take advantage of this great sale.

Lighting sale at Coco Blanca

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