Crazy for cuffs

Crazy for Cuffs!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we love cuffs (cuff bracelets, that is)!

Gold wire cuff bracelet

They are an absolutely essential piece to add to your wardrobe, because cuffs are such an easy way to add some pizzazz to any outfit. It’s like wearing a wrist full of bracelets, but sleeker and definitely lighter!

Collage of some of Coco Blanca's favorite cuffs

1. These stack bracelets are super cool. They are connected, so they sit one on top of another on your wrist. It’s a very unique twist on the cuff, and better yet, they are stretchy so they are easy to take on and off! $40

2. These lovely gold and silver cuffs have a classic swirl pattern and are a gorgeous brushed filigree. The classic cut and tasteful design will surely add a touch of magic to your wrists. $40

3. These gold and silver cuffs are larger in size than our other cuffs, and are a bit more of a statement piece. Our favorite way to wear something like this is slightly higher up the arm, so it is about midway between the wrist and the elbow. $40

4. This overlapping gold cuff is one of our newest pieces at Coco Blanca. We are in love with the asymmetrical shape and the emphasized brush on the gold. The contoured curves compliment your look, day or night.  This modern piece works well with end-of-summer dresses and breezy linen pants. $39

5. This brushed center cuff bracelet with the diamond accents is elegant and classic. We would wear this on a night out on the town, just to get that extra sparkle. The details are absolutely fabulous! $46

6 & 7. These beautiful brushed henna-inspired print cuffs are exotic and fun. Wearing one on each wrist or two at the same time creates a bold fashion statement. $40

8. We love the swirling movement and subtle floral motif in these gold and silver cuffs. $40

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