Planning Ahead for Fall with Bernhardt

Planning Ahead

So it’s mid-summer and hopefully you are vacationing or planning to take off soon!  Most of us aren’t thinking about our home decor right now. But then September rolls around and we are starting to consider what we will do for the holidays, possibly having people over.  Then we start looking at our houses and thinking about what updates are necessary. By then it’s almost October and it becomes crunch time. Most upholstered pieces take 8 to 10 weeks, hardly leaving anytime for your pieces to arrive by Thanksgiving.  My suggestion is to take a little down time now and get ahead of the game!

Just to inspire you to start thinking about this and planning for later this year, I have picked some of my favorite newer pieces from Bernhardt that you may not have seen yet. So here you go! And as always, we offer a 40 percent discount on Bernhardt furniture.  Please email me for quotes on any of these pieces.

Have a great summer!



Planning your dining room ahead for fall

This is a great new sideboard that I am crushing on from Bernhardt. Also adore this cool, new table! And how handsome is this dining chair?



Planning for fall with Bernhardt

Cozy and comfortable beds with stunning accent pieces!

Mirror accent piece for your bedroom

This mirror would be a lovely accent in any bedroom, but also works well elsewhere in the home.

Planning your bedroom - add a cozy chaise

Nothing like a cozy chaise in your bedroom. Love this fabric as well!



Planning ahead for where these will go in my home

How cool are these chairs for a slick contemporary look!

Planning ahead for fall

Love the clean lines of this Phoebe sofa and Phoebe chair, especially with one of my favorite cocktail tables.

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