Cutting garden and fresh flower arrangements

Cutting Gardens, Plus Flower Arranging Tips from a Local Florist

July through September on Cape Cod is always a beautiful thing. And what a perfect place to experiment with a cutting garden! The biggest challenge is to choose flower arrangements with all-season blooms and produce a varied palette of color, shape, texture, and height. I loved photographing my flowering treasures as much as cutting and...

Fall porch and patio feature

Fall Porch & Patio, Elegant Edition

Entertaining on your outside porch this fall can be easy and worry-free. Light a fire, burn some candles, set the table with the Chilewich table top collection and throw some Perennials pillows and cotton throws on your outdoor seating and you have instant outdoor setting that is elegant and calm. The Chilewich collection, with their distinctive...

Fall hats feature
Coco's Closet

Hats off to Fall!

Well, it’s official, folks! We are all in full-blown fall mode and more than ready for sweater weather! The accessory we adore for the quintessential fall day? Hats! Gorgeous felt fedoras and wide-brim floppy hats will steal the scene. They are fashionable yet classic, convenient for those not-so-perfect hair days, and warm! Trendy twists on...

Re-think seating in your home

Building Blocks for Seating

I saw this very cool sectional sofa at High Point Market and haven’t forgotten about it, the concept is so fun and the look is so chic. Called Format, it’s new from Bernhardt for Fall 2017, and is designed for people who want creative seating options. @vikkileftwich Let’s say the guys are coming over to...

Fun city art at Coco Blanca
Home Accessories

You Are Here – Featuring City Art

It is hard to believe we are already half way through September. When kids are back in school, we start thinking about planning for the holidays and thinking of gift ideas, so when we wrote about our last show in New York, we weren’t surprised when many of you inquired about the city art featured in...

Fashion that changes with the fall leaves
Coco's Closet

Styling Fall Pieces, from September through December

Fall spans a huge range of temperatures in the D.C. area. The key to style and comfort is having the right pieces to layer as we transition from warm to cool to downright cold, so we prepared a month-by-month guide of what to wear that will carry you through the season. Even better? Prices range...

Home Accessories

5 Lighting Tips To Get that Gorgeous Glow

Lighting plays a big role in the design of a room. It needs to be functional (you need to see!) but ideally it also casts a flattering glow (so you can look good in it!). Truly, lamps can make a room. Luckily Coco Blanca has started our lighting sale — through September 11th, we have...

Coco's Closet

What Would Audrey Do?

If you’ve ever taken a peek inside Coco Blanca, you know right away we are enormous fans of the 1950s style icon, Audrey Hepburn. Her iconic photos grace every picture frame we have in the store. There are just so many things to love about her persona. She was naturally beautiful, graceful, quirky, and her...

Coco's Closet

“The annual denim hunt we call September…”

It is a universal truth of fashion that shopping for jeans is stressful. There are so many cuts, washes, lengths, and sizes from which to choose that it can be quite intimidating to embark on the annual denim hunt we call September. Luckily, the stacks of stylish Joe’s Jeans we carry at Coco Blanca offer...

Gift Home

Glimpses from the Gift Show

Needless to say buying trips are the most fun part of owning a store. We take an early train to New York on Monday, hit the Javits Center, where either the gift show or other market is held, then treat ourselves to a very nice dinner at night, and always stay at the ink 48,...

Some of our favorite cigar tables at Coco Blanca

The 10 Best Cigar Tables

Bringing an elegant dash of style yet utterly practical, cigar tables may be the most versatile piece of furniture in a room. These tiny side tables — smaller than an end table or a nightstand — have special elements that add a little drama without overpowering a room. An elegant final touch to a space,...

Sweater Weather
Coco's Closet

Getting Ready for Sweater Weather

There is nothing better than cozying up next to the fire in a comfortable chair, with a cup of hot tea in your hands, and a soft sweater hugging your back. That’s right…fall is almost here, and we are sure getting ahead of ourselves here at Coco Blanca. The new shipments of cotton, cashmere, and...

London new textile designers

New Designers: Textile + Beyond

When it comes to inspiration, there’s nothing quite like the energy generated from design school graduates showcasing their creative work under one roof. So earlier this summer I went to check out one of the most important exhibitions in the UK for emerging textile design—aptly named, “New Designers”—at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London....

Crazy for cuffs
Coco's Closet

Crazy for Cuffs!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we love cuffs (cuff bracelets, that is)! They are an absolutely essential piece to add to your wardrobe, because cuffs are such an easy way to add some pizzazz to any outfit. It’s like wearing a wrist full of bracelets, but sleeker and definitely lighter!...

Coco's Closet

Lovely in Lingerie

Sometimes, the key to perfecting the outfit is perfecting what you wear underneath, your lingerie. Breezy, summer dresses can be tacky in an instant if they are too sheer, or if your bra straps slip off your shoulders too much. We have gorgeous silk slips, comfortable bras, and light lacy shorts to make sure you...

End tables with incredible texture

The Benefits of Texture, Side Table Edition

At Coco Blanca, it is no secret that we like monochromatic, tone-on-tone color schemes, so texture is important in creating contrast. Texture has the ability to add a powerful and subtle dimension to any room. It appeals to our senses both visual and tactile, thereby making the room interesting and inviting. You can add texture...


Summer Inspired: More from Artist Martha Spak

I’ve written about the fabulous art by Martha Spak numerous times — love her work! — but we just got some new pieces in to our Bethesda store so thought I would share. Most of these pieces seem to be inspired by summer, which is just fine by me. I’d be happy to bring any of the pieces...

Scarves for fall
Coco's Closet

How To Style Scarves this Fall

What is better than a soft, colorful scarf that you can throw on over anything? This upcoming fall season, Coco Blanca is focusing on printed scarves, worn just about any way you can imagine. With all these gorgeous options, you can bet that you’ll never catch us with a cold neck! Our first pick is...

Coco does color
Coco's Closet

Coco Does…. Color?

Our trademark here at Coco Blanca is classic neutrals. We tend to stick to shades of white, beige, cream, and sometimes black. But recently we have been expanding our palette with little pops of color here and there. Here are some of the highlights… This gorgeous top is a beautiful cornflower blue with flattering bell...

Planning Ahead for Fall with Bernhardt

Planning Ahead

So it’s mid-summer and hopefully you are vacationing or planning to take off soon!  Most of us aren’t thinking about our home decor right now. But then September rolls around and we are starting to consider what we will do for the holidays, possibly having people over.  Then we start looking at our houses and...

Hostess Gifts at Coco Blanca

6 Great Gifts for a Great Hostess

Hopefully during the months of July and/or August you are having the chance to relax, catch up with friends, and vacation a bit. And if we are all lucky, we will be invited to a barbecue or maybe even an overnight house party last minute. Why not stock your gift closet so you are ready...


Summer Menu: Chilled Soups + Cold Cocktails

As you already may have guessed, I love to cook and entertain! It’s been quite hot recently, so I’m looking for some relief with nice cold drinks and refreshing cold soups filling my summer menu that pair well with a summer dinner on the porch. As is appropriate for the summer, I’m definitely going to be...

Fall trends at Coco Blanca
Coco's Closet

First Look: Fall Trend Report

How is possible that I’m already seeing sweaters in shop windows? It feels like summer has just begun, but as any fashionista would know, fall lurks just around the corner in “Fashion World.” While I’d love to think about white eyelet sundresses, I can’t help thinking about the grays and blacks that are to come!...

Celebrate Independents Week

Independents Week Q+A: The Women of Coco Blanca’s “Second Life”

Next up on our Independents Week series, the women of Coco Blanca tell how they embraced the post-kid stage of their lives, developed a strong brand (“the soothing color palette of a coconut by the sea, with fresh clean whites, relaxing neutrals, rich browns, elegant blacks, and splashes of turquoise”), and opened a store with a unique...

Summer nights
Books Entertaining

Summer Afternoon Relaxing + Evening Entertaining

It’s that late-June time in the summer where it’s nice and warm outside, but not yet the muggy August season that makes it hard to entertain outdoors. So I’m taking advantage of the weather while I can, whether it be a wine night with the ladies, a backyard barbecue with my family, or just a...

Amalfi Coast
Coco's Closet

Packing for the Amalfi Coast

This July, my family is heading to the Amalfi Coast for vacation! My husband I are super excited and feel very fortunate to make this trip with our three grown children and their significant others. It has been years since we have traveled as a family and this will be a trip to remember! It’s...

Coco's Closet

Jewelry Trend: Resin

A jewelry trend spotted on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways that really “resin”-ates with us is the fashion-forward style of resin. If you desire beautiful, luxurious, and classic jewelry pieces at affordable price points, this jewelry is the answer to your fashion prayers. Our resin pieces have contemporary, clean lines, offering a blend of classic and...


3 Swoon-Worthy Ceramics Collections

Celebrate the beauty of natural materials with home accent pieces crafted by artisans from around the world that are fresh and remarkable. Our three unique collections of ceramics, including platters, vases, votives, pitchers, and more, are classic but on-trend, subtle but bold, colorful but neutral, each offering a harmonious blend of urban chic and elegant rusticity....

Flower Power in London

Flower Power, Chelsea Style

Yes, Coco Blanca is all about the soothing color palette of a coconut by the sea, with fresh clean whites, relaxing neutrals, rich browns, elegant blacks, and splashes of turquoise. But who can resist Mother Nature’s color palette when it comes to fresh flowers…with a white background, their fabulous mix of colors simply pop! And...

Kitchen Islands

4 Tips To Style Your Kitchen Island

Most of our kitchens open to our  family rooms, making styling the kitchen island an important task — one that can be daunting since styling needs to work from all angles, especially if your kitchen island is larger. Here are a few simple suggestions. (And click here if you missed yesterday’s post about the best...

Stools for your kitchen

The 5 Best Stools for Your Kitchen Island

The party is at your house — specifically, in your kitchen. Have you ever noticed no matter the size of your kitchen, that’s where everyone gathers? A home can have an ample dining room and living area, but let’s face it, most everyone ends up gathered in the kitchen so we may as well have...

Bright ideas for your beach house lighting

Bright Ideas for Your Beach House

Memorial Day has come and gone, and the Summer of 2017 is upon us. Those of you with a beach house may be thinking about making some changes to freshen your home before the weekend guests start to arrive. Mosaic Seashell Lamp, $372.50 There is no easier and  less expensive way to brighten a home than...

Coco's Closet

Coco Blanca Has a New Neighbor!

Just steps away from Coco Blanca on the Strand, the beautiful Hotel Indigo has been completed and has opened its doors for guests. This is a Kimpton Hotel with the fabulous amenities and style for which they are known – we are thrilled to welcome them as our new neighbor! Not only does it have...

A dress for all of your special occasions
Coco's Closet

Special Occasions, Special Dresses

If you’re like me, the first thought that goes through your mind when you know you have upcoming special occasions is, “What am I going to wear?” Coco Blanca can dress you for that special wedding, graduation, birthday, and more! Celebrate in style with a beautifully constructed simple A-line dress, or dance the night away...

Graduation dresses
Coco's Closet

Graduation! The First White Dress

One’s wedding day is not the only momentous occasion to wear the quintessential white dress … graduation day is on that list, too! And like a wedding, graduation is a major event that marks the end of something old and the beginning of something new, so of course it warrants special attire. With our palette of...

A sneak peak of Bernhardt at High Point Market

Sneak Peek: Bernhardt at Market

I only had a brief amount of time at High Point this visit, so I spent most of my time in the Bernhardt Showroom. With 15,000 square feet of showroom space, it takes a bit of time! They do an excellent job pulling together their spaces, borrowing art and accessories from other showrooms. Many of these...

Peter Bristol at Coco Blanca

Illuminating Form + Ingenius Function: Peter Bristol Lighting

I have expressed before how much I love going to High Point Market. I love seeing how all the talented furniture designers put together their showrooms, the luscious new fabrics, and discovering products I have never seen before.  One product that caught my eye this time was lighting by Peter Bristol for Visual Comfort. Peter has...

Cover Up at Coco
Coco's Closet

Cover-ups? We’ve Got You Covered

One of the essential pieces in your summer wardrobe are the bathing suit cover-ups. Whether you are going on a cruise, a family beach vacation, chaperoning your child’s senior beach week, or embarking on a romantic get-away… the perfect cover-up up is key. Don’t have one? Last year’s missing?  Not to worry! Coco Blanca has you...

Graduation Gifts from Coco Blanca

Marking a Milestone: Graduation Gifts

While the formal definition of graduation is the award or acceptance of an academic degree, it is so much more than that.  It is one of life’s most hallowed accomplishments, providing evidence of academic drive and desire. But academics aside, graduation also marks attaining a key goal in life. It is about decisions a young adult...